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Introducing the 2010 Twitter 200

Aug 10, 2010 – 4:30 PM
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John Walters

John Walters %BloggerTitle%

There's literacy.

There's computer literacy.

And now there's Twitter literacy, or Twitter-acy. To not be using Twitter in 2010 is to not yet be using Google 10 years ago. You may be resistant, but eventually you'll capitulate and be glad that you did. In terms of news and information gathering, Twitter is to the web what the internet is to newspapers.

And, unlike Facebook, which is often a celebration of self, Twitter is a glorious cascade of both information and ideas. As someone tweeted (naturally) recently, "Facebook is for friends who are now strangers. Twitter is for strangers who should be your friends."

In the past year, college football media, coaches and players have all joined the revolution. Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema actively monitors his players' tweets ("I point out stupid tweets when I see one," he says). It was a college coed's seemingly innocuous (at least in her mind) tweet about seeing Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen being punched in the face last November that helped break that story. USC-bound wide receiver Markeith Ambles ended all questions as to his college choice, and inspired a few smirks, when he tweeted, "I am a Trogan."

The problem for anyone with a Twitter account (which is free) is not dissimilar to that of a young person on a quest to find meaning in life: whom to follow? I'm here to help. Hours and hours of exhaustive research, interrupted only by bathroom breaks and my own irresistible urge to tweet, have led to FanHouse's inaugural College Football Twitter 200: 200 characters who provide insight and information in 140 characters or less.

We'll break up the series into three parts, running the posts in consecutive days this week. The first part (this one) will be the first 100 media members in alphabetical order, with the second part sporting the rest of the Twitter 200.

In the third and concluding part of the series, I've added a short list of players, coaches and media whom we'd all like to see using Twitter. Some have dormant accounts (I'm looking at you, Chris Fowler), while some may merely be Luddites hoping, incorrectly, that this fad will pass. Like that forward pass fad passed.

Note: For each person on the list, I've included their Twitter handle, the number of followers they have and the number of times they've tweeted (as of August 9). Please feel free to comment and tell me whom I have forgotten.

Twitter 200

Andrea Adelson: @aadelsonESPN
Followers: 2,045
Tweets: 4,827
Florida-based blogger for the 24-hour, 5-channel sports media leviathan.

Erin Andrews: @ErinAndrews
F: 133,867
T: 1,079
ESPN sideline seductress will now host a third hour of College Gameday. This will make me (even more) unpopular, but female sideline reporters tend to be a tad saccharine. If you want to follow a truly funny female, Michelle Beadle (@ESPN_Michelle) is your sweet sassy mo'lassy.

AP Top 25: @AP_Top25
F: 3,745
T: 5,147
Filters the best of AP sportswriters' college football-related stories into tweets.

Greg Auman: @gregauman
F: 1,253
T: 2,318
For all things South Florida football, follow this felicitous Gator alum who now writes for the St. Petersburg Times.

Big Ten Football: @BTNStatsGuy
F: 484
T: 285
Tasty morsels of trivia and numbers related to the Big Ten.

Tony Barnhart: @MrCFB
F: 9,688
T: 434
Venerable college football scribe who covers the South like kudzu.

BC Interruption: @bcinterruption
F: 762
T: 7,301
Unofficial blog for Boston College news.

Brian Bennett: @espn_bigeast
F: 5,705
T: 2,613's man on the Big East beat.

Mike Bianchi: @BianchiWrites
F: 5,217
T: 1,205
Orlando Sentinel columnist who recently quipped: "Jimbo Fisher has had his first major arrest at Florida State. Only 28 more to be competitive with Urban Meyer."

Blatant Homerism: @BlatantHomerism
F: 308
T: 3,650
Avid, addled fan of Oklahoma football who declares himself the sport's "finest mind."

Bleacher Report: @BR_CFB
F: 680
T: 5,240
Indie sports site that delivers the goods.

Blog Ten: @BlogTen
F: 523
T: 3,245
For all news Big Ten-related.

Kirk Bohls: @KBohls
F: 4,009
T: 4,057
Long-time columnist at the Austin American-Statesman covers Longhorns from tip to tip.

Tim Brando: @TimBrando
F: 4,328
T: 1,844
The CBS studio host is a little old-media for this list, but perhaps he'll surprise us.

David Brandt: @DavidBrandt
F: 2,057
T: 4,323
Covers Mississippi for the Jackson Clarion-Ledger, helping to make "Masoli" a trending topic.

Brandon: @TeamSpeedKills
F: 1,602
T: 1,906
Irreverent SB nation blog concerned -- did I say "concerned?" -- obsessed with all things SEC.

F: 13,187
T: 5,566
L.A.-based blogger (read: "internet people") who is often out in front of the news. Cultivates sources well.

Jenn Brown: @JennBrownESPN
F: 9,984
T: 1,242
Erin Andrews' heiress apparent (right) is a former softball player at Florida, which has become Sideline Reporter U.

Chip Brown: @ChipBrownOB
F: 10,505
T: 2,420
The man who broke the Big 12 realignment story and has a hammerlock on all things burnt orange.

Chris Brown: @smartfootball
F: 4,133
T: 2,139
Like his Twitter handle says, Brown is a professor of pigskinology.

Bucky's Fifth Quarter: @b5q
F: 189
T: 724
You can jump around to other Wisconsin-related feeds, but you're likely to return to this one.

Jenni Carlson: @JenniCarlson_OK
F: 1,430
T: 1,722
Columnist for The Oklahoman whose 2007 story inspired Mike Gundy's legendary "I'm a man! I'm 40!" rant. If only coach Gundy had a Twitter account.

Doug: @CaptainAnnoying
F: 780
T: 2,401
Funny. And wrong: "Butch Davis proudly reveals that T.J. Yates got a 4.8 on his SATs, runs a 1290 in the 40."

Andrew Carter: @osseminoles
F: 2,820
T: 2,719
The Orlando Sentinel's beat writer for Florida State, striking names from the Seminoles' roster almost as fast as they exit the program.

Jay Christensen: @JayChristensen
F: 980
T: 2,646
Founder of, a daily must-read for fans of the sport.

John Clay: @johnclayiv
F: 5,570
T: 6,194
Columnist for the Lexington Herald-Leader has two decades or so of experience covering the SEC.

College Football: @CollegeFootball
F: 8,315
T: 4,484
No-nonsense updates on the sport. Any Tweep that uses Keith Jackson for its avatar can't be bad.

College Football Outsiders: @FO_College
F: 506
T: 431
They're not really as "outside" as they proclaim. Insightful, pertinent stuff.

College Football Talk: @CFTalk
F: 3,329
T: 6,504
The college sister of NBC's Pro Football Talk.

Bob Condotta: @bcondotta
F: 1,995
T: 2,908
U-Dub may not challenge for the Pac-10 title, but as long as Jake Locker is under center and Steve Sarkisian is behind a microphone, they'll be fun. Condotta, who writes for the Seattle Times, has them covered.

Chadd Cripe: @IDS_BroncoBeat
F: 294
T: 224
Beat writer for the Idaho Statesman, covering everyone's favorite BCS-buster. Chadd, 2010 is your close-up.

David Curtis: @davecurtis33
F: 352
T: 74
National college football writer for "The Sporting News." Here's hoping he becomes more engaged with the tweets.

Richard Deitsch: @RichardDeitsch
F: 7,001
T: 6,479's "Media Circus" writer. No one better at covering the people who cover the people ...

Don't hate, Michigan fans: Ohio State is one of the covers for SI's College Football Preview this week
-- Tweet Tuesday from Richard Deitsch
Tom Dienhart: @TomDienhart
F: 4,095
T: 898
National college football scribe for Rivals/Yahoo! "Had breakfast with UConn coach Randy Edsall in Newport, RI. Is there a better football coach in America?" (Um, yes.)

Heather Dinich: @ESPN_ACC
F: 8,279
T: 4,061
ESPN's ACC beat reporter.

Dennis Dodd: @DennisDoddCBS
F: 2,936
T: 864
This national columnist for is among the most incisive voices covering the sport.

Bill Doleman: @TheMTN_Bill
F: 234
T: 182
Network anchor for The Mountain Sports Network provides a peek at the conference with all the peaks.

Pat Dooley: @pat_dooley
F: 1,960
T: 1,694
Long-time college football scribe for The Gainesville Sun who can remember when Emmitt Smith played for the Gators (even if Emmitt apparently cannot).

Gregg Doyel: @greggdoyelcbs
F: 6,695
T: 15,845
Read his columns, and you get the sense that Doyel's fingers are punching the keyboard. Love his Twitter bio: "This better be the real me -- or, I'm gonna sue, um, me."

Chris Dufresne: @DufresneLATimes
F: 2,201
T: 2,180
The Times' point man on college football, for as long as both should survive.

ESPN College Football: @ESPN_Others
F: 2,651
T: 2,083
No, it's not a feed devoted to a film in which all the ghosts believe they're alive. It's ESPN's feed for non-AQ schools in the FBS.

ESPN College Football Live: @espncfblive
F: 5,900
T: 510
Official feed for ESPN's daily weekday show.

Gentry Estes: @BamaBeat
F: 4,112
T: 6,285
Why do southern writers always have the best names? Covers the Crimson Tide for, among others.

Every Day Should Be Saturday: @edsbs
F: 7,009
T: 13,069
The funniest site about college football is also, not coincidentally, one of the smartest. "You couldn't chop (6-foot-7 Arkansas QB) Ryan Mallett down with two axes."

Michael Felder: @InTheBleachers
F: 1,382
T: 25,560
Former reserve player at North Carolina tackles tweets at a most prolific rate.

Bruce Feldman: @BFeldmanESPN
F: 16,971
T: 2,986
L.A.-based ESPNer is plugged in to the Pac-10. Not a nicer gent on the national beat.

Pete Fiutak: @ColFootballNews
F: 748
T: 16
Writes the popular weekly "Cavalcade of Whimsy" column for, but needs to become a more frequent participant in this newest media format.

Bryan Fischer: @BryanDFischer
F: 821
T: 5,022
Covers the Trojans for, and is never far removed from a 140-character insight.

First and Big Ten: @FirstandBigTen
F: 753
T: 738
Three tweets and a cloud of dust, daily.

Alex Flanagan: @Aflanny
F: 2,041
T: 273
Sideline reporter for NBC's Notre Dame football telecasts is probably more thrilled with the coaching change in South Bend than you are.

Chris Foster: @CFosterLATimes
F: 474
T: 2,596
Covers the UCLA Bruins for the Los Angeles Times.

With RT Mike Harris suspended for the opener, the Bruins will now be without 2 OL who started every game in 2009
-- Tweet Tuesday from Chris Foster
Friends of the Program: @FOTProgram
F: 871
T: 3,875
The type of Twitter account you and your wiseass dorm mates would've set up had you gone to college in age of Twitter ... or the internet.

Gobbler Country: @Gobblercountry
F: 987
T: 8,167
If you only follow one Virginia Tech feed -- and most of you will follow fewer than that -- this one, manned by the author of its eponymous blog, is the one.

Ken Goe: @KenGoe
F: 842
T: 6,983
Covers college football for the Portland Oregonian. Should have a column entitled "Ready, Set, Goe."

Ken Gordon: @kgordonosu
F: 2,001
T: 903
Covers Ohio State for the Columbus Dispatch. Should NOT have a column entitled "Ready, Set, Go(rdon)!"

Dan Greenspan: @DanGreenspan
F: 456
T: 3,559
Covers the Trojans for SCPlaybook, part of

Teddy Greenstein: @TeddyGreenstein
F: 2,222
T: 149
Chicago Tribune columnist who seems to know what the Big Ten will do before commissioner Jim Delany does. Needs to manufacture more tweets.

Brian Grummell: @BrianGrummell
F: 693
T: 4,006
Covers the Big East for FanHouse, but just as likely to tweet about his alma mater, USC.

Glenn Guilbeau: @LSUBeatTweet
F: 544
T: 592
With a name like that, you just knew he covered LSU Tiger football, didn't you?

Suzanne Halliburton: @suzhalliburton
F: 3,913
T: 8,077
Trenchant writer for the Austin-American Sportsman.

Brian Hamilton: @ChiTribHamilton
F: 2,029
T: 3,080
Acerbic and astute reporter at the Chicago Tribune who covers the Fighting Irish somewhat begrudgingly.

Travis Haney: @gamecocksblog
F: 1,871
T: 12,847
South Carolina correspondent is one of the more zealous tweeters on the chirp network. Just look at his number of tweets.

Eric Hansen: @hansensouthbend
F: 2,583
T: 1,447
Entrenched South Bend Tribune columnist who knows Our Lady's program as well as anyone.

Terrance Harris: @ThatBig12writer
F: 431
T: 318
FanHouse's man in Big 12 country.

Tuberville has got jokes. Says working in television media for a year taught him to speak his mind.
-- Recent Tweet from Terrance Harris
Mark Hasty: @PickBigTen
F: 134
T: 696
Covers the Big Ten for FanHouse, among other things.

Hawkeye Nation: @HawkeyeNation
F: 2,387
T: 3,635
Iowa will be a top ten team this season, and this feed is as good as any to stay abreast of the Hawkeyes.

Heisman News: @HeismanNews
F: 711
T: 2,075
Trust me, this feed produces relevant tweets for more than just a month or two each year.

Jim Henry: @JimHenryAOL
F: 83
T: 76
FanHouse's man in the ACC, based in Tallahassee.

Matt Hinton: @DrSaturday
F: 3,608
T: 3,638
He's not really a doctor, but the Austin-based blogger is an esteemed specialist when it comes to college football coverage.

Matt Humphrey: @NCAAFootballman
F: 1,338
T: 2,902
Orlando Sentinel's self-proclaimed "college football maven." Well then, if he's a maven ...

Holly: @Nastinchka
F: 927
T: 13,512
Hangs out in that van in the corner of the school parking lot with the cool kids at @edsbs and @DrSaturday.

Lisa Horne: @LisaHorne
F: 1,278
T: 21,782
Covers Southern Cal, and all of southern Cal, for

Cecil Hurt: @CecilHurt
F: 1,676
T: 191
Inveterate chronicler of the Crimson Tide -- his first year on the beat (1982) was Bear Bryant's last -- for the Tuscaloosa News.

Chris Huston: @HeismanPundit
F: 930
T: 498
Huston is another example of someone who cares THIS MUCH about college football. Fantastic site, fantastic insight.

Irish Illustrated: @NDatRivals
F: 1,803
T: 3,686
Scribblers Tim Prister and Pete Sampson provide the latest on four- and five-star recruits who will ultimately break the hearts of the Irish and their fans by signing somewhere else (warmer). Well, not all of them.

Gary Klein: @LATimesklein
F: 1,191
T: 321
Trojan beat reporter for the Los Angeles Times, which means every day he deals with both an HOV lane and a USC Lane.

Adam Kramer: @kegsneggs
F: 1,650
T: 5,423
Popular Illinois-based blogger whose site name invokes a newfangled tailgate tradition.

Steve Lassan: @AthlonSteven
F: 197
T: 554
College football editor for Athlon Sports, the people who publish those glossy preseason guides you read at the beach.

Tom Lemming: @TomLemming
F: 421
T: 93
The recruiting guru who can always say he had a few lines in an Oscar-nominated film ("The Blind Side").

Doug Lesmerises: @PDBuckeyes
F: 1,845
T: 1,667
Covers the Buckeyes for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Chris Low: @ESPN_SEC
F: 17,140
T: 3,048's beat reporter for the conference that has produced the last four national champions.

Ivan Maisel: @Ivan_Maisel
F: 8,202
T: 505
'Bama born-and-raised, Stanford-educated scribe who's been on the beat for a quarter-century now. Does podcasts with Beano Cook for

Stewart Mandel: @slmandel
F: 16,572
T: 4,372
One of's two authoritative voices on college football. Author of "Bowls, Polls and Tattered Souls," a great read on the sport.

Arash Markazi: @ArashMarkazi
F: 6,264
T: 4,961
"Guest List" Markazi, as I like to call him, covers everything in L.A. in red, from his beloved Trojans to the carpets at film premieres.

Mark May: @Mark_May
F: 2,612
T: 333
Dr. Lou's favorite foil is one of the few Bristol-based talking heads who actually chirps: "Bob Huggins WVU BB coach broke 4 ribs in a fall in his Vegas hotel room," ... "Huggie Bear What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!!!!"

Jason McIntyre: @TheBigLead
F: 9,952
T: 19,734
Tireless blogger whose site is read by everyone in the business who cares.

Ted Miller: @ESPN_Pac10
F: 6,202
T: 3,292
Covers the Pac-10, soon to be Pac-12, for

Russ Mitchell: @russmitchellsec
F: 63
T: 71
SEC columnist for College Football News ( "US Judge rules cheerleading not a 'sport' in part b/c it 'doesn't have a playoff system.' Ruh-roh, Reorge!"

Rob Moseley: @DuckFootball
F: 2,459
T: 3,391
Tweets -- or is it quacks? -- on Oregon football for the Eugene Register-Guard.

Chris Mottram: @ChrisMottram
F: 1,270
T: 3,788
Senior editor at SBNation and self-proclaimed "part-time stalker." Aren't we all?

Brett McMurphy: @BrettmcmurphY
F: 1,076
T: 2,870
FanHouse's man on the national scene and caretaker of the best mustache in the press box.

Austin Murphy: @si_austinmurphy
F: 602
T: 56
Has covered college football for "Sports Illustrated" since before every current player was born, but still in good enough shape for two-a-days.

Brian Murphy: @murphsturph
F: 832
T: 1,687
Boise State coach Chris Petersen has made Twitter off-limits to his players in-season, but that ban does not extend to this Idaho Statesman columnist.

Paul Myerberg: @PreSnapRead
F: 700
T: 764
Provides Greg Jones-like sideline-to-sideline coverage of the sport. Well worth following.

Dari Nowkhah: @ESPNDariNowkhah
F: 2,236
T: 829
Part-time CFB Live host and the only regular tweeter among Bristol's army of hosts.

Jerry Palm: @JPPalm
F: 2,267
T: 5,623
Owner/operator of is a number-cruncher, game-watcher whose specialty is the Purdue Boilermakers.

Joe Person: @josephperson
F: 856
T: 695
Sports writer for the The State, in Columbia, S.C., will keep you in-the-know on Clemson and 'cocks.

Randy Peterson: @RandyPete
F: 618
T: 1,313
Long-time writer for the Des Moines Register. Has the best ears in Iowa that can't be shucked.

David Pollack: @davidpollack47
F: 7,843
T: 4,787
Former Georgia linebacker is the Tedy Bruschi of college football analysts for ESPN. Even resembles Bruschi. Smart and dynamic with a bright future in TV.

Kyle Ringo: @KyleRingo
F: 666
T: 634
Covers the Buffs for the Boulder Daily Camera and likely tickled that he'll soon be subbing out road trips to Ames and Manhattan for Berkeley and Tempe.

Editor's Addition: @NCAAFanHouse
F: 2,403
T: 2,170
OK, so now we have to call it the Twitter201. John's editors will forgive him for leaving us off the original list. Everything we post gets tweeted, so follow this and stay connected to all this great coverage.

Coming Wednesday: We'll spotlight the media member who has more followers than any other college-only writer (hint: he would have been listed above, alphabetically), followed by revealing the remaining 99 members of the Twitter 200. It will finish up the media members and also contain active coaches and players (oh, and a cheerleader).
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