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Tim Tebow Loses Internet's Most Popular Haircut, 'Stylist' Takes More Credit

Aug 10, 2010 – 9:34 PM
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Dennis J. Georgatos

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Tim TebowThe Broncos player responsible for giving quarterback Tim Tebow one of the ugliest haircuts ever seen was all smiles as he recounted the buzz cut, part of an annual tradition Denver rookies go through.

Linebacker Wesley Woodyard shaved the top half of Tebow's head last week, leaving him with a bald dome and a ribbon of hair around the lower portion of his forehead. The cut was reminiscent of Friar Tuck's look, and photos of Tebow sporting the awful style became an Internet sensation.

"Ah, the famous Tebow haircut heard around the world," Woodyard quipped after Tuesday's practice. "When I saw his head, I was like, I've got the perfect idea for you."

Woodyard said Tebow was a good sport throughout the good-natured hazing and the rest of the team got a good laugh.

"He took it like a man," Woodyard said. "He said, 'Come on, Wood. Give me something good.' So I said, 'I got you. I got you.'"

Did he ever.

Tebow's half-dome look was gone on Tuesday, though, and who can blame him for getting rid of it. He had shaved his head completely, so in a few weeks, his 'do should be back to normal.
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