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Forbes: Cowboys, Redskins Remain Most Valuable NFL Franchises

Aug 26, 2010 – 1:05 PM
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FanHouse Staff

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Forbes NFL value rankings Dallas Cowboys

For the fourth consecutive year, the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins are the NFL's most valuable franchises, according to a report by Forbes. Despite league-wide team values falling by approximately 2 percent, the Cowboys' net worth rose from $1.65 billion to $1.8 billion in the past year, just ahead of Washington's $1.55 billion net worth.

The last time the Cowboys did not hold the title of NFL's most valuable franchise was 2006, when the Redskins sat atop the throne, followed by New England. Dallas placed third that year, at approximately $1.17 billion.

One of the conclusions made by Forbes in the latest version of their annual NFL report is that the league "is evolving into a tiered league, with the upper one-third defined by entrepreneurial owners whose teams typically play in big markets and stadiums that generate insane amounts of cash." It's no surprise, then, that the teams rounding out the top 10 below Dallas and Washington are, in order: New England, the Giants, Houston, the Jets, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago and Denver.

Even amongst that group, the Jets, Baltimore, Chicago and Denver all saw their franchise values decrease from 2009. The news was even worse at the other end of the spectrum. Jacksonville, currently the least-valuable franchise in the NFL, according to Forbes' report, saw an overall decline of 16 percent -- from $866 million in '09 to $725 million now. Oakland actually moved up a spot in the rankings, from No. 32 to 31, despite a five-percent drop ($797 million to $758 million).

Buffalo, St. Louis and Minnesota rounded out the bottom five, with the Bills and Rams suffering 12 and 15 percent losses in overall value over the past year, respectively.

The Packers landed 14th on Forbes' list. Green Bay is the only NFL franchise that releases its financial statements to the public. When the Packers did so this year, back in July, they showed a record $258 million in revenue in 2009-10, but a drop in operating profits from $20 million to $10 million.

The complete list of team values, courtesy of (numbers rounded up to the nearest million):

1. Dallas, $1.8 billion
2. Washington, $1.55 billion
3. New England, $1.37 billion
4. New York Giants, $1.18 billion
5. Houston, $1.17 billion
6. New York Jets, $1.14 billion
7. Philadelphia, $1.12 billion
8. Baltimore, $1.07 billion
9. Chicago, $1.07 billion
10. Denver, $1.05 billion
11. Indianapolis, $1.04 billion
12. Carolina, $1.04 billion
13. Tampa Bay, $1.03 billion
14. Green Bay, $1.02 billion
15. Cleveland, $1.02 billion
16. Miami, $1.01 billion
17. Pittsburgh, $996 million
18. Tennessee, $994 million
19. Seattle, $989 million
20. Kansas City, $965 million
21. New Orleans, $955 million
22. San Francisco, $925 million
23. Arizona, $919 million
24. San Diego, $907 million
25. Cincinnati, $905 million
26. Atlanta, $831 million
27. Detroit, $817 million
28. Buffalo, $799 million
29. St. Louis, $779 million
30. Minnesota, $774 million
31. Oakland, $758 million
32. Jacksonville, $725 million
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