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Is Time Ripe for Reggie Bush?

Sep 8, 2010 – 9:18 AM
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Ray Glier

Ray Glier %BloggerTitle%

Sean Payton, the New Orleans coach, said Reggie Bush is in terrific shape. Remember Bush in college and what a dominant runner he was for Southern Cal? He was in great shape then, too.

Bush has had exactly one 100-yard rushing game in his four-year career. I think it's time for more.

You should never suggest that the New Orleans Saints take the air out of the football and run the rock for a change. It doesn't make sense does it to have Drew Brees and then ask him to turn and hand the ball or pitch the ball?

But wouldn't the run game help a defense that might sag this season? Why not some rock 'em, sock 'em? The defense has been thinned out by some injuries.
They have three top-shelf players in the middle of the offensive line: center Jonathan Goodwin and guards Carl Nicks and Jahri Evans. They pass pro very well, but what about running Bush up in there and playing some Monopoly? Hold the ball.

I was looking at a stat. Opponents averaged 65 plays a game against the Saints last season. That's too many. Some of that has to do with New Orleans scoring fast and giving the ball back.

The NFL is a passing league. I get that.

But there is nothing that helps a defense under siege like an offense that can control the ball and methodically move it down the field and finish in the red zone.

Considering all the stuff swirling around Bush with Southern Cal in trouble and the possibility his Heisman will be stripped, he might relish a chance to be a feature back and roll up some yards for a change. Right now, he looks like a finesse back. What else is there?
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