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Bud Selig: Expanded Instant Replay Not in Works for 2010 Postseason

Sep 20, 2010 – 11:57 PM
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Pat Lackey

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Bud SeligIf you were hoping to see expanded instant replay in 2010 MLB Playoffs, Bud Selig is here to crush your dreams. He told the AP Monday night that he's decided not to expand replay for the coming postseason on the recommendation of his self-appointed Special Committee for On-Field Matters.

"I brought the subject up, as I always do with everybody," Selig said. "I don't get the feeling that there's a lot of support for it, at least their conversations with me.

"We're analyzing things. Our committee said we need to study it more, maybe have a few more months of study. But from the numbers that I heard, of the controversial tough plays, (the umpires) got something like 98 percent right."

In direct contrast to the claim that there isn't much groundswell in support of expanded replay,'s Jayson Stark has been talking to managers for a couple months about replay and 75 percent of the ones he's talked to want to see more of it.

It's no secret fans feel the same way, especially in the aftermath of Derek Jeter's dubious hit by pitch last week that created a huge outcry for more replay. Bud's word is final, though, so at least for 2010, the only playoff replay will have will be on "border" home run calls.

At least he didn't shut the door to future use of replay, saying that he and his committee were "analyzying" things and that he thought they might need more time.

It's hard to believe that replay technology is going to drastically improve in a year, though. With HDTV cameras blanketing every ballpark in 2010, the technology is fine. And both football and hockey have controlled replay systems that baseball could use as a model for expanding their own replay operations.

Expecting Selig to move at anything faster than the pace of a stegosaurus isn't wise, though. There have been high-profile umping gaffes all over the last couple of postseasons, and he's still not budging. Maybe another year will change his mind, but it's probably going to take something awfully dramatic for that to happen.
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