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Did Carl Paladino Really Say 'F--- Him' About Eric Holder? [VIDEO]

Oct 12, 2010 – 3:44 PM
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Steven Hoffer

Steven Hoffer Contributor

(Oct. 12) -- Another day, another YouTube-generated headache for Carl Paladino.

In footage obtained by Jeremy Jacobs of National Journal's Hotline OnCall, the following video, taken at a town hall meeting on March 26 in Tappan, N.Y., appears to portray the tea-party-backed New York gubernatorial candidate uttering the phrase "F--- him" in response to a question regarding U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the suggestion to hold trials for terrorists in Manhattan.

"If you were the chief executive of New York, what would your response be to the attorney general of the United States deciding to hold terrorist trials in Manhattan?" asks a member of the audience.

"F--- him," Paladino appears to repeat, as The Atlantic suggests.

But the Surge Desk is not convinced. Notice the discrepancy in voice when the camera pans away from the questioner back toward Paladino. The second utterance of "F--- him" clearly conflicts with Paladino's actual voice as he begins his response. Any audience member may be responsible for the comment, which clearly had the room doubled over in laughter.

No doubt Paladino opposes holding the trials in Manhattan, but the Surge Desk verdict says this is one piece of bad press Paladino should not have to contend with.

Here is the video, skip to 2:07 for the segment in question. You can be the judge (WARNING: No matter who said it, this video definitely contains the phrase "F--- him." Viewer discretion is advised.)

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