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FOX Goes to Musical Bullpen for MLB Playoffs

Oct 26, 2010 – 10:40 AM
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Milton Kent

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If you were confused at the end of innings during National League Championship Series telecasts on FOX last week, thinking that you heard the network's football theme music rather than its baseball jingle, you were correct.

The network quietly swapped out its baseball theme, which includes a quick reference to its football theme, for the tune that has accompanied its NFL coverage since the sports division opened for business in 1994.

Eric Shanks, the new FOX Sports President, said during a Monday conference call, that the music the network had used for baseball postseason coverage the last 10 years had been slower, perhaps more "cathedral" and that FOX wanted to perk things up.

"When we were taking a look at recent tapes, we decided that baseball deserves a faster pace and more upbeat music," Shanks said. "There's no better music than the FOX Sports theme for the NFL."

Shanks said viewers should count on hearing what we've come to know as the FOX NFL theme across all the network's sports telecasts going forward, including NASCAR.

"It's becoming a real FOX Sports theme," Shanks said. "And it gives all of our sports sort of that marquee feel and it gives us a more upbeat way to come on the air."
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