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Mr. Anderson Reveals Chair Shots to the Head Banned in TNA Wrestling

Nov 3, 2010 – 1:44 PM
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Brian Fritz

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Mr. AndersonOver the past few years, we are learning more about the dangers of hard shots to the head. Concussions have become a major issue in the NFL with the league taking strict measures to enforce its rules and also putting in place a battery of tests before some can return to action following a concussion.

Now, TNA Wrestling is taking a big step to help prevent concussions and head injuries by banning unprotected chair shots to the head.

"TNA has absolutely thrown down the gauntlet and said no more unprotected chair shots," stated TNA star Mr. Anderson on the "Between The Ropes" radio show. "And every time there is a chair involved in the ring, the agents will come up and say please make sure for me that you are not going to... that you're going to put your hand up. Please tell me you're going to put your hand up or it's going to be a back shot or something like that."

It's a measure that needed to be put in place considering the danger involved in cracking someone over the head with a steel chair. Too many people have had their livelihood threatened or changed for the worse by taking these shots. It's outdated and totally unnecessary in the wrestling business now.

Mr. Anderson is currently sidelined after suffering a concussion several weeks ago when he was hit in the back of the head with a chair by Jeff Hardy. However, he says that was nothing more than an accident.

"The chair shot that I received from Jeff Hardy was not intended to hit the back of my head. I heard through the grapevine that there were some people who were concerned about that. That was an accident and, you know what, in our business, accidents are going to happen. Sometimes you're going to get a boo-boo and things are going to hurt."

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