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Tiger Woods' New $50 Million Bachelor Pad

Nov 12, 2010 – 4:00 PM
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Ryan Wilson

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The worst year of Tiger Woods' life is almost behind him. It was nearly 12 months ago that things first began to unravel. In the time since he's played sporadic, uninspired golf, seen his swing coach depart, lost his wife and custody of his two young children, and reportedly paid out a nine-figure divorce settlement.

Things could be worse, though. Woods lost a lot in 2010, but he did get to keep the $35 million mansion (with an additional $15 million in renovations) he bought a few years ago in Jupiter Island, Florida. As you might expect, it's a huge spread, but the backyard is more impressive than the living quarters.

Property details via Palm Beach real estate blogger Jeff Lichtenstein:
It appears he has one tee box in the southeast east corner to hit drivers. The entire area just west of the lap pool can be used to hit long, medium and short irons into any of the 4 greens. Each green is guarded by a single trap except the green in the northwest corner which appears to have 3 pot bunkers.

Tiger has enough open space to practice his short game from any angle, any wind condition, which really appears what this practice area is all about.

His putting green is totally surrounded by dense vegetation. One wonders if he is trying to block out the wind by doing this or if he is cutting off both sunlight and air circulation. He probably has a sub-air temperature/humidity control system beneath the green, otherwise it would be worthless in the heat of the summer, especially if the grass there is bent or some northern grass.
I wrote about the property when Tiger first purchased it back in 2007. The original home was 9,729 square-feet and it sat on a 12-acre lot. According to a 2007 Palm Beach Post story, Woods' new plans called for "The main home [to] be connected to a 6,400-square-foot gym-media room-bar with a glass-covered walkway. There's an elevator. A reflecting pond. A library and a children's playroom. A weirdly skinny lap pool. And a steel roof."

At the time I noted that it "...sounds quaint. My favorite parts are the 6,400-square-foot gym/media room/bar and the reflecting pool. You know, so after you work out and have a few pops you can reflect on your smoking hot wife and how much money you have."


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