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Pacquiao vs. Margarito Results: Live Updates of Undercard and Main Event

Nov 13, 2010 – 8:00 PM
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Lem Satterfield

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Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito will headline a top boxing card in Arlington, Texas.

FanHouse will have live results of Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito fight card in Arlington, Texas on Saturday night.

When the main event begins, around 11:30PM ET, check out our Pacquaio vs. Margarito live blog for live round-by-round updates. Prior to the main event, we'll have live updates and results on all the undercard fights below.

Main Event
Manny Pacquiao dominates Antonio Margarito to win 154-pound title.


Judges: Sergio Caiz and Levi Martinez had it 97-93, and, 95-94, for Jones, and Gale E. Van Hoy had it even at 94-94

FanHouse has it for Soto-Karass, 97-93.

Referee: Rafael Ramos

Mike Jones (23-0, 18 KOs), Philadelphia wins by disputed majority decision over Jesus Soto-Karass (24-5-3, 16 KOs), Los Angeles, 10 rounds as Jones retains his NABA, WBO NABO crowns and earns the WBC Contental Americas welterweight (147 pounds) title.

Crowd lustily boos the decision.

Round 1: Jones runs to the middle of the ring and immediately begins to jab. An exchanges ends with Jones' right hand. Jones' jab is in Soto-Karass' face. Jones lands a right-left, right to the body and moves away. Jones misses with a right. Soto-Karass moves forward but eats three jabs. Jones lands a left hook to end an exchange. Two more jabs by Jones. Another and two more jabs by Jones. Four more jabs by Jones, and a right hand that wobbles Soto-Karass just prior to the bell. Jones' round, 10-9.

Round 2: Jones continues to box effectively behind his jab, and hands held high. Soto-Karass tries relentlessly to close the cistance. Jones' jab is very strong. His defense is tight. Joines lands an unbeleivable amount of punches that chase Soto-Karass to the ropes -- right crosses, uppercuts, that have Soto-Karass on the ropes. Referee Rafael Ramos appears ready to step in, but then, Jones, apparently having punches himself out, backs off, and Soto-Karass moves forward and enjoys some success with Jones' back against the ropes. FanHouse counted some 50 unanswered punches thrown by Jones with wicked intentions. Jones' round, 10-9; Jones, 20-18.

Round 3: Soto-Karass has Jones on the ropes early and fires away with lefts and rights to the head and body. Jones covers up but also launches his own attack. Jones tries to go back to boxng, but Soto-Karass is on him. Jones lands a counter-right, but Soto-Karass walks in and lands to the body. Soto-Karass lands a hard right and a left to the head followed by several more punches. Soto-Karass is cut and bleeding from over the left eye. The crowd chants "Mexico!" Soto-Karass ends the round pounding away at Jones in his own corner. Soto-Karass's round, 10-9; Jones, 29-28.

Round 4: Jones' leags may be gone. Soto-Karass continues to throw to the body and move forward, yet again trapping Jones on the ropes. Soto-Karass' body attack is taking it's toll on Jones, who tries to cover up but continues to absorb punishment to the body and up the middle. Soto-Karass lands a left-right to the head. Jones pushes the jab and lands a right, but Soto-Karass won't go anywhere. A right uppercut catches Jones and begins an assault for Soto-Karass, who is cut over both eyes. Jones clinches. As the round ends, Jones looks exhausted as he returns to his corner. Soto-Karass's round, 10-9; Even, 38-38.

Round 5: More of the same to start the fifth, with Jones trying to keep Soto-Karass off of him. Jones jabs brieftly but Soto-Karass breaks his rhythm with a jab of his own and follow up rights to the body. Soto-Karass squares up and lands a left to the midsection. Another left to the belly for Soto-Karass. Jones jabs but Soto-Karass continues to be effective up the middle. Jones apears to have lost steam on his punches, even as he lands a nice left that draws a gasp from the crowd. Soto-Karass fires three straight rights and a left to the body, followed by a right-left to the body. Soto-Karass's round, 10-9; Soto-Karass, 48-47.

Round 6: Jones continues to cover up and retreat as he tries to keep Soto-Karass off with his pushing jab. Head-body, head-body, is the tempo set by Soto-Karass, who continues to push through whatever Jones offers. Three jabs split Soto-Karass's guard, yet he still comes forward. A four-punch combination by Soto-Karass gets around Jones' defense, as does a subsequent five-punch volley. Jones has some success with his counter lefts and rights, but Soto-Karass closes with a four-punch volley. Soto-Karass 10-9, Soto-Karass, 58-56.

Round 7: Jones peppers Soto-Karass with about six jabs and then misses with an overhand right. Jones goes back to jabbing but is flat-footed. A nice right uppercut by Jones is followed by a left. Soto-Karass still is bleeding from above both eyes. Jones is busier and gets the best of an exchange in the middle of the ring. An uppercut by Jones lands but Soto-Karass is underred. Jones backs up Soto-Karass with a right and another jab, but takes about nails Jones with two body shots and two right hands. Soto-Karass closes strongly with a body attack that has Jones wilting on the ropes. Jones returns to his corner with swelling over his right eye. Soto-Karass's round, 10-9; Soto-Karass, 68-65.

Round 8: Soto-Karass goes almost exclusively to the body over the first 30 seconds of the round and Jones feels every punch. Jones lands twice to the body, but Soto-Karass walks through it. Jones is jabbing again, but Soto-Karass counters with two right uppercuts. Two right-left combinations land for Soto-Karass, who nearly drops Jones with a right hand as the ropes support him. The crowd is back to changing "Mexico!" for Soto-Karass. Jones pushes his jab, but takes a head-swiveling left-right combination. Another such combination lands before the bell. Soto-Karass's round, 10-9; Soto-Karass, 78-74.

Round 9: Jones needs a knockout to win the fight, but continues to be out-gunned by the relentless Soto-Karass. Nice head-popping jab from Jones, but Soto-Karass comes back with a left hook. Referee Rafael Ramos stops the action to have a ringside doctor examine Soto-Karass's eyes. Jones is more aggresssive as the fight resumes, targeting the eye with his jab and his overhand right. But Soto-Karass regains the tempo with a hard right to the midsection, followed by a left to the head and successive punches to the head. Jones lands four jabs, and then two more. Jones lands a few more jabs but then takes about five more body shots before the round ends. Jones' round, 10-9; Soto-Karass, 87-84.

Round 10: Jones is inspired early behind his jab and follow up right hand. But Soto-Karass squares up and lands to the body, yet again. Jones answers in the middle of the ring with a five-punch combination that starts with a right hand. Soto-Karass jabs his way in and goes to the head and body along the ropes again. Six straight unanswered blows, four of which were to the body, land for Soto-Karass. Jones is busier for a time, but gets clocked by a right hand and retreats behind another two-handed assault by Soto-Karass. Jones tries to keep pace, but Soto-Karass clearly has more in the tank down the stretch. Soto-Karass's round, 10-9; Soto-Karass, 97-93.

FanHouse has it for Soto-Karass, 97-93.

Judges: Nelson Vazquez and Ruben Garcia had it 117-109, and, 114-112, for Rigondeaux, and Raul Caiz Sr., 114-112, for Cordoba.

FanHouse has it for Rigondeaux, 116-110.

Referee: Jon Schorle

Guillermo Rigondeaux (7-0, five KOs), Miami by 12-round split-decision over Ricardo Cordoba (37-3-2, 23 KOs), Santa Marta, Panama, to win the interim WBA super bantamweight (122 pounds) title

Round 1:Rigondeaux comes forward and is poised behind his right jab, his left hand held high. Cordoba retreats. Lull in the action. Two clinches. The southpaws are being more tactical until Rigondeaux gets off a crisp left and takes a left from Cordoba. Rigondeaux misses with a hard left. Rigondeaux jabs to the body and continues to probe for places to land. Rigondeaux wins the round based on aggression. Rigondeaux's round, 10-9.

Round 2: Rigondeaux continues to pressure Cordoba, who continues to circle. The crowd is not into the fight at all. The crowd is beginning to boo. Rigondeaux lands a left and they clinch. Rigondeaux lands a right and they clinch. Rigondeaux lands two over hand lefts. Rigondeaux's round, 10-9; Rigondeaux, 20-18.

Round 3: Crowd is booing the fight. There's little action except jabs. Rigondeaux's has more purpose. Rigondeaux lands a left to the body. Cordobas grazes with an overhand left. Rigondeaux lands a hard right and another but fails to follow up. Rigondeaux lands a soft right jab. Cordoba continues to circle, ineffectively. Rigondeaux's round, 10-9; Rigondeaux, 30-27.

Round 4: Rigondeaux fires a right-left combination early. And then the posing resumes by both fighters. Rigondeaux lands a left to the body that drops Cordoba. Cordoba thinks long and hard, staring at the floor, but is up at referee Jon Schorle's count of eight, but Rigondeaux jumps on him and fires away. Rigondeaux lands two, hard right hands. Cordoba clinches. Rigondeaux spends the remainder of the round chasing Cordoba but does not effectively press the action. Rigondeaux's round, 10-8; Rigondeaux, 40-35.

Round 5: Rigondeaux resumes his stalking of Cordoba, pounding away at one point along the ropes. Rigondeaux grazes with a left uppercut and then a right hand. Rigondeaux lands a left and then a right to the body in retreat. Cordoba lands a left but takes one also. Rigondeaux's round, 10-9; Rigondeaux, 50-44.

Round 6: There is finally some early action along the ropes where Cordoba, his back against them, loses an exchange with Rigondeaux. Rigondeaux gets a standing eight-count from a mysterious punch. Rigondeaux begins to retreat and Cordoba to come forward. Cordoba lands a right jab and they clinch. Cordoba's round, 10-8, Rigondeaux, 58-54,

Round 7: Cordoba continues to press the action behind his jab, and a followup left hand. Two more jabs land for Cordoba. Not much action although Rigondeaux continues to be on his bicycle and Cordoba lands a right to the body and a left to the head. Cordoba fires a four-punch combination to the body. Cordoba's round, 10-9; Rigondeaux, 67-64.

Round 8: Cordoba has completely stolen the momentum and sets the pace with his right jab. Cordoba misses with a dangerous left. Cordoba lands a short left to the body. Rigondeaux lands two jabs. Rigondeaux continues to retreat. Cordoba's jab has gained Rigondeaux's respect. Cordoba lands a jab at the bell. Cordoba's round, 10-9; Rigondeaux, 76-74.

Round 9: Cordoba whacks away early at the body with a two-fisted volley. Rigondeaux dances away. Rigondeaux is short with his punches as he backs up. Rigondeaux lands a left to the body and two right jabs. Another right jab lands for Rigondeaux. Rigondeaux lands a grazing right hand. The crowd boos. This fight is dreadful. Cordoba lands a reaching left to the body and a right to the head. Rigondeaux's round, 10-9; Rigondeaux, 86-83.

Round 10: Rigondeaux lands three right jabs over the early portion of the round and then nothing. A right hook lands for Rigondeaux. Cordoba follows but is short with his jab. A crisp right jab lands for Rigondeaux. A right hook finds Cordoba's jaw. A cuffing right hook pushes Cordoba off balance. Rigondeaux's round, 10-9; Rigondeaux, 96-92.

Round 11: Rigondeaux lands a short right hook, Cordoba misses a three-punch combination. Rigondeaux fires and connects with another right hook. Boring fight. Cordoba is ineffective at cutting off the ring and Rigondeaux won't engage. Rigondeaux grazes with a left hand. Rigondeaux touches with a right jab. Rigondeaux's round, 10-9; Rigondeaux, 106-101

Round 11: Rigondeaux comes forward early and then continues his previous actions. Two nice up-jabs from Rigondeaux and another hard jab. Two more jabs by Rigondeaux. Rigondeaux lands a left to the body. They clinch and clinch again. Stinker of a fight. Cordoba finally lands a left hand. Crowd boos lustily. Rigondeaux's round, 10-9; Rigondeaux, 116-110.

FanHouse has it for Rigondeaux, 116-110.

Erwin Sparks, Jesse Reyes, Charles Phillips

Raul Caiz Jr.

Brandon Rios (26-0-1, 19 KOs), Oxnard, Calif., wins by knockout at 2:17 of the fifth round over Omri Lowther (14-3, 10 KOs), Valdosta, Ga., 10 rounds, junior welterweights (140 pounds).

Round 1:
Lowther throws the first jab in retreat along with two more, circling and backing up as Rios stalks and delivers to the body with his left. Hands held high and patient, Rios continues to pressure, finally landing a three-punch combination -- an over hand right and two left uppercuts. Lowther continues to fire mostly at Rios' guard, but takes a hard shot to the body. Rios lands a triple-left hook. The pressure is bothering Lowther. Rios again triples up on the left hand and takes aim at the body with his right. Another three-punch volley by Rios starts with a body shot. Rios' round, 10-9.

Round 2:
Lowther continues to fire his jab, but Rios' defense is too solid. Rios lands two left hands, a right to the body, and then Lowther escapes. Rios lands two left hooks to the head and then a four-punch combination to the head and body. Lowther can't keep rios off of him. A hard right shakes Lowther as does a followup right. Rios continues to dig to the body. A left to the head catches Lowther flush. Rios lands a right to the head and digs two left uppercuts to the body. Lowther continues to give ground. Lowther clinches to protect himself as the bell rings. Rios' round, 10-9; Rios 20-18.

Round 3:
The stalking Rios picks up where he left off in the first two rounds, chasing and landing to the head and body. Lowther goes side to side but can't escape, clinches, lets go, and continues to get hammered. Rios lands a nice right to the jaw and three more times to the midsection. Three short left hands land during a clinch for Rios, as does a left and a right cross o the button. A hard left and a right and another left land for Rios as Lowther tries to fight back. Rios pounds away with both hands as the bell sounds, but Lowther lands a right-left as the round ends. Rios' round, 10-9; Rios, 30-27.

Round 4:
Rios continues to limit Lowther's opportunities to land with good, tight defense and when his rival gets in close, unleashes to the head and body, forcing Lowther to clinch. Lowther gamely tries to answer, but when he opens up, he is often countered. Lowther gets the best of an exchange in the corner and fires a nice right hand that lands. Lowther occasionally beats Rios to the punch and enjoys a successful stretch in the round, but he does not have enough power to slow down Rios and gets caught with a hard, counter left that wobbles him. Three more lefts land for Rios as does a right just before the bell. Rios' round, 10-9; Rios, 40-36.

Round 5:
Rios leads off with three left jabs and continues to pressure. A crisp right uppercut drives Lowther backward, and they trade right hands, with Rios' carrying more potency. Three more jabs back Lowther into a corner. Rios fires a right to the ribcage and triples up on a left hook. Lowther lands hard to the body and gets in a right. A hard , straight right hand nearly drops Lowther, who absorbs five more blows along the ropes. Rios rips in a right-, left-, right combination that traps Lowther as referee Raul Caiz Jr. steps in to protect him and WAVE AN END TO THE BOUT.


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