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Chris Henry Feature Moves 'NFL Today' Host James Brown to Tears

Nov 25, 2010 – 1:20 PM
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Milton Kent

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James Brown It's not very often that television portrays a display of honest emotion. And it's even rarer when said feelings are released on a football telecast, the last bastion of raw testosterone on the small screen.

Yet, during Thursday's CBS pregame show, "NFL Today" anchor James Brown unabashedly let loose a torrent of tears.

The show had just aired a moving, Emmy-award worthy feature on former Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry, who died last December when he fell from a moving vehicle in an accident near his hometown of Charlotte. The piece was narrated by Henry's mother, Carolyn Glaspy, who made the decision to donate Henry's organs to needy recipients. The story centered on a meeting of the four people who received Henry's organs and a subsequent meeting with Glaspy.

When the story ended, Brown was supposed to deliver what is known in the trade as a tag -- or an ending -- but he was overcome with emotion. Brown instead had to toss to analyst Boomer Esiason, who finished the tag, while fellow analyst Dan Marino consoled Brown. Brown had regained control when the show returned from commercial.

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