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Heath Bell Recovering After Bout With Typhoid Fever on Vacation

Dec 15, 2010 – 7:14 PM
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Pat Lackey

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Heath BellBaseball players have a knack for injuring themselves in strange ways when they're not on the field, but Padres' closer Heath Bell has taken that art to a new level. While on vacation with his wife in Fiji, he contracted typhoid fever and had to be hospitalized later on the trip when he and his wife were renewing their wedding vows in Hawaii.

On the assumption that most people reading this are only familiar with typhoid in that it's something you get while playing the computer game Oregon Trail, Typhoid is caused by a form of Salmonella and according to Wikipedia, it's generally passed by drinking unclean water that's been contaminated by exposure to other people with the disease.

It's absorbed through the intestines, which makes it a nightmarish flu/fever combination that can progress into a slow heart-rate, delirium, intestinal hemorrhaging and possibly death if left untreated. As a bacterial infection, though, it's fairly easy to treat, and they caught Bell's well before it became serious, so none of this is a worry for him.

And since we know Bell is going to be OK, I want to suggest that we start calling Bell "Typhoid Heath." Baseball is suffering from a serious lack of cool nicknames in 2010 as most people just like to go with the whole "first initial and first syllable of last name" combo.

"Typhoid Heath" is an awesome name for a closer, though. Closers are supposed to intimidating and knowing that a guy caught an awful disease and beat it seems pretty terrifying to me.
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