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Five-Step Drop: Stewart Being Forced Out?

Dec 17, 2010 – 6:00 AM
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Mark Hasty

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Bill StewartFanHouse's college football staff provides you with a personal quarterback. We do the primary and secondary reads for you so you can properly start your day.

1. Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen is now West Virginia's head-coach-in-waiting. Usually these arrangements have the consent of the outgoing head coach. It's starting to look like this one didn't. Dave Hickman of The Charleston Gazette writes, "The fact is, (Stewart) has known since Nov. 14 -- the day after the Mountaineers began their four-game win streak with a victory over Cincinnati -- that he was probably coaching for his job. He also knew that even if he managed to keep it, it would be for just one more year." That makes WVU athletic director Oliver Luck's caustic comments about Stewart a little more understandable -- but not much more. Here's guessing that nobody will volunteer to bring doughnuts and coffee to West Virginia's staff meetings next year.

2. Why College Administrators and Social Media Don't Mix, Example No. 348: Vanderbilt is normally known as a haven for smart people, but even smart people have brainlock once in a while. The university decided "Hey, all the kids are on the Facebook. Why not announce our new football coach on the Facebook? They'd think that was 'cool!' Wait, do people still think things are 'cool?'" They do, Vandy, but this idea? Not cool. What do young people do on Facebook? They troll. Oh boy, do they troll. To whatever intern had the duty of scraping digital graffiti off Vandy's Facebook wall last night, I salute you.

3. You know who else deserves a salute? Washaun Easley and Michael Gilliard of the Georgia Bulldogs. The two players came to the aid of a university bus driver whose bus skidded off the road and hit a tree. "We had to pry the door open, and we went in there to see if she (the driver) was all right. She was all right. She was thanking God she didn't get hurt," Ealey said. The bus was carrying no passengers. Football players get enough publicity for the things they do wrong; let's not forget to give them credit for the good they do as well.

4. Ever play Mad Libs? If so, then you probably recognize a pattern to a lot of stories that run this time of year. "(NAME OF UNIVERSITY) will lose $(ABSURD NUMBER) million sending its football team to the (UNLIKELY SPONSOR) Bowl. The school has sold (NUMBER LESS THAN 5,000) of its allotment of (NUMBER GREATER THAN 10,000) tickets for the game. The tickets have a face value of $(NUMBER GREATER THAN 100) but can be bought for $(COST OF LARGE TWO-TOPPING PIZZA) on StubHub." In this case, it's Connecticut, selling 4,000 out of 17,500 $111 tickets, which can be had on StubHub for as little as $18. That's a $1.5 million expense for UConn before the team has even traveled to the game.

5. The Patriot League, which sponsors football at the FCS level, is considering allowing its member schools to do something they've never been allowed to before: offer football scholarships not based on financial need.
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