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Bill Belichick Not Thrilled With Win Over Green Bay Packers

Dec 20, 2010 – 7:29 PM
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Andy Kent

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When a coach like New England's Bill Belichick has experienced perfection in the regular season like he did back in 2007 and has won three Super Bowl rings, not even a 12-2 record and the inside track on home field advantage throughout the playoffs is satisfactory.

On the heels of Sunday night's narrow escape at Gillette Stadium over the Green Bay Packers, Belichick wanted to send a wake-up call to his team to remind them how important it is to finish strong going into the playoffs. Holding on for a 31-27 victory against a quarterback making his first NFL start was not the answer he wanted his players to find and after the game he said, ""we need to play better than this or our season won't last much longer."

So on Monday, with his players taking the day off, Belichick broke down the win first by praising nose tackle Vince Wilfork for playing one of his best games of his career as a Patriot. Considering the fact that Green Bay held the ball for almost 41 minutes and that Wilfork was on the field for more than 70 plays, his production was even that much more impressive.

But that was about it from the praise department for Belichick, as his mood turned when asked about some of the big plays the Packers were able to make, specifically Matt Flynn's 66-yard touchdown pass to James Jones.

"Well, it shouldn't have been a 66-yard touchdown, but it was," he said. "There were a couple of things that came up on that and we've just got to do a better job. We can't have those kinds of plays – a third-and-long play and end up giving up a long touchdown. We've got to coach better, we've got to play better. We just can't give any team three-quarters of the field on one play, on a play like that."

Belichick went a little further in regards to the coaching job he and his staff did -- or didn't do in his estimation.

"All of us are accountable - all the coaches, all the players, everybody involved," he said. "There were a lot of plays in the game that we have to do a better job of. Like I said last night, I've got to do a better job in coaching the team and preparing them and making sure that plays like that and the onside kick and strip sacks and stuff like that – that stuff can't happen. It can't happen or it will kill us."

Those words would have sounded right coming from the mouth of Miami Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sparano after his team lost at home to Buffalo to end any hopes of the playoffs or from Tom Coughlin after his New York Giants blew a 21-point lead in the fourth quarter in a 38-31 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. But the fact that it was Belichick saying those things after a win only further illuminates his drive for perfection.
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