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Obama Reading Biography of Ronald Reagan While on Vacation

Dec 24, 2010 – 12:02 PM
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David Knowles

David Knowles Writer

Is it a guilty pleasure?

According to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, President Obama has picked what some might consider an odd reading selection for this year's holiday season.

Vacationing in his birth state of Hawaii, the president is making his way through a biography of none other than conservative icon Ronald Reagan. Gibbs tweeted the news today.

Not a silly q - POTUS is reading a biography right now on Ronald Reagan by Lou Cannon @cavaticatless than a minute ago via web

Gibbs did not specify which volume of Lou Cannon's highly regarded Reagan books Obama is reading. Is it "Governor Reagan: His Rise to Power" or the second book, "President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime"?

Commentators like Andrew Sullivan have often pointed out similarities between the presidencies of Reagan and Obama. For instance, each man saw a big drop in the public's approval ratings in his first two years in office. And Obama infuriated liberals during the 2008 campaign for suggesting that Reagan was not the incarnation of evil many claimed him to be.

Whatever the reason for the affinity, Obama and the Gipper are together on Ohau, if only through the magic of books.

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