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LeBron James Doesn't Expect MVP Award for Himself, Dwyane Wade in 2011

Jan 1, 2011 – 9:42 PM
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FanHouse Staff

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LeBron James made a widely-publicized -- and scrutinized -- "Decision" this offseason to form the "Big Three" with championship goals in mind. Let's give him credit for keeping his expectations for individual accolades in check.

James told a group of reporters on Saturday that he doesn't expect to win the MVP this season -- and he isn't anticipating Dwyane Wade to be in the discussion, either.

"When we (James, Wade, Chris Bosh) decided to come together our Most Valuable Player chances kind of went out the window," James said.

After a shaky, at least from an expectations standpoint, start to the season, the Heat are soaring atop the NBA standings. They've won 17 of their past 18 games, with an overall 26-9 record.

As of Saturday night, Wade and LeBron both are averaging over 24 points per game. James is also averaging over seven assists and nearly seven rebounds per game, while Wade is at four and 6.5, respectively. With the offensive firepower between the "Big Three," it was inevitable that individual point production would dip -- and that's exactly what has happened. This is James' worst scoring output since his rookie season, in which he averaged 21 points per game. It's also the lowest point-production for Wade in three seasons.

"I think they classify it as an individual award," James said. "They look at it like the less help you have, the more numbers you have then the better chance for you to win that award."

James has two MVP awards in his career -- both won in the previous two seasons, but Wade has no regular season MVP awards to date, though he does have an NBA Finals MVP to his name.

"I don't know how you classify the MVP thing," James said. "Do you classify it as most valuable to his team, if you take that person off his team how do they play? Or is it how is he playing numbers-wise? I don't know."

James won the award twice as "the man" with the Cavaliers, but only time will tell if he or one of his teammates earn the honor with all the "help" surrounding them.
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