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Andre Agassi Shows Naked Photo of Wife Steffi Graf for Charity

Jan 7, 2011 – 2:00 PM
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Ryan Wilson

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I never followed tennis closely but I've always been a huge Steffi Graf fan. So it was with great interest that I followed the story of Graf's husband and former tennis great Andre Agassi promising to show a naked photograph of his wife to the highest bidder.

Out of context it sounds like something Brett Favre (allegedly) might say to a 20-something team employee with fake breasts. Or even words you might expect Agassi to utter back when he sported a frosted mullet and used crystal meth.

In context it makes much more sense, and you might even call it funny.

It all started with a tweet from Sports Illustrated's Bryan Graham:

Then there's the video evidence:

And that, people, is how you raise money for your favorite charity.

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