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Surge Desk

Britney Spears' Critics Not Holding Comeback Song Against Her

Jan 10, 2011 – 6:58 PM
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Britney is back ... again.

"Hold it Against Me," Spears' first single in some time, is set to drop at midnight on iTunes. KIIS FM beat the Apple site to the punch by debuting Spears' most recent comeback effort on its morning show. The new album, out sometime in March, is her first since her 2008 release "Circus."

Surge Desk offers a roundup of reviews of the new song, which incorporates the well-worn pickup line, "If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?" (Has that line ever worked?):

New York Daily News
The star of Spears' brand-new single isn't the pop sensation herself, argues critic Jim Farber. "It's a burning, pulsing swath of synthesizer that oscillates throughout the track and pulls you into the chorus," Faber writes. "It may be nothing but a gimmick, but it's the kind that can't help but make you move."

"Hold It" offers a promising hint of Britney's better efforts of yesteryear. "It's got the requisite double-entendre lyric, clever arrangement and careful usage of the star as an ornament rather than a driving force," Farber said.

MTV News
The network that once actually played music videos spoke with Perez Hilton and Ryan Seacrest about Spears' comeback track. "With her vocals on that it's going to be an undeniable, surefire hit," Hilton said. "I loved it. My own critique is that the demo sounds a little too much like Ke$ha."

Seacrest didn't hold back his appreciation either, taking to Twitter to write, "@BritneySpears just sent me 'Hold It Against Me.' WOW. The demo doesn't even compare!" Seacrest added that Spears' video for the tune is set to shoot in two weeks, after a month of rehearsals, and it's "gonna be major."

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New York Post
The paper has so far withheld comment on the merits of the track, preferring instead to let readers listen and decide for themselves whether or not to hold it against the artist.

The song, produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin, is a smash, according to reviewer Melinda Newman. Even though it "sounds like it was created, piece by piece, beat by beat, in a laboratory and it has about as much soul as an ice cube," it's still a great-sounding record, Newman said.

Rolling Stone
It is possible to hear a tinge of desperation in Spears' digitally processed growl, Rob Sheffield writes, especially in the line "You feel like paradise and I need a vacation tonight." But even so, he said, "Hold it Against Me" promises great things for her album, aside from the shock that Spears has hung in there to make a seventh album at all.

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