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Weird News

The Weird World of Steven Tyler

Jan 19, 2011 – 8:05 AM
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"American Idol" isn't exactly known for being edgy or weird, but judging by new judge Steven Tyler, times they are a-changin'.

Tyler spoke briefly with the press Tuesday about the brand-new season of "American Idol," which kicks off at 8 tonight on Fox.

Instead of sugar-coating his new job on the show or touting specific contestants, the outspoken, clearly unpredictable Aerosmith rocker said what he wanted, when he wanted. Even if it made no sense.
Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest answer questions at the AMERICAN IDOL press conference on the IDOL set in Nashville, TN on Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010.
Michael Becker, FOX
Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are the latest celebrities to join Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest on "American Idol." Tyler said he's bringing straight-up "Italian honesty" to the table this season.

To make things interesting, he started off the conference with a little limerick for us reporters.

"There once was a man from Kent, who had one so long that it ..."

Tyler quickly changed his mind and decided it might be best not to finish his raunchy rhyme, although I'm pretty sure he wanted to. One point for you, Mr. Tyler.

He then proceeded to jump from topic to topic in no particular order, and AOL News was there to document the best -- and of course, weirdest -- words to spew from those famous lips of his.

Here are Tyler's oddest tidbits:

-- When discussing his relationship with Fox and his turn as a reality-TV star, Tyler shared grand aspirations that stretch way beyond "American Idol." He said he could see himself having his own reality TV show on Fox someday, perhaps called "Message in a Bottle." The premise: The network puts him in a bottle, ships him off to sea and he eventually floats onto an abandoned island. There, he conveniently meets a mystery woman, they get married and they have funny-looking kids. "It'll be like some new type of 'Survivor' show," said Tyler. Sounds like a blend of "Castaway," "Lost" and "The Bachelor." I'm intrigued.

-- After that offbeat digression, Tyler got down to business. How does he feel about his co-judges, Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez? Well, apparently, Jackson is his brother from another mother. "I met Randy first and it was like we were separated at birth. We got along right away. Randy is the sh*t!" As for Lopez -- or "Jenny From the Block," Tyler confirmed her street cred. "J. Lo is a fox. She's street," he said. Good. Glad that's all cleared up. Tyler admitted he "fell in love" with Lopez before actually meeting her. You see, he watched her latest box-office flop, "The Back-Up Plan," on an airplane and was instantly smitten by her stellar acting performance. Well, at least it wasn't "Gigli."

-- Tyler went on to talk to reporters about his style of judging on "American Idol." Apparently, contestants will feel like they're at a big, fat Italian family gathering when it's Tyler's turn to critique them. Tyler said he's not there to be harsh or "grumpy," but rather blatantly honest. "I'm just bringing my Italian, "Aunt Phyllis" type of honesty to the table," he said. Great, so he's not only judging the contestants' singing voices, he'll also be judging the friends they hang out with and their lifestyle choices. Maybe even pinching their cheeks at the dinner table and commenting on their weight. That oughtta be fun.

-- Finally, Tyler addressed rumors that "Idol" might be cutting into his time with Aerosmith by giving us a quick rundown of his busy schedule. He said he's working on "Idol" a couple of days a week and writing songs and recording with Aerosmith the rest of the time. He said the rockers are slated to tour South America and Japan this November, so clearly he's making it work with his two jobs. "Aerosmith doesn't get in the way of 'Idol' whatsoever."

While Tyler's time with us was certainly entertaining, I couldn't help but track down another fun sound bite he gave to The Daily Beast earlier this week.

When asked if any season 10 contestants reminded him of "a young Steven Tyler" or "had the singing chops to be in Aerosmith," Tyler simply replied, "No one had lips big enough."

Another point for you, Mr. Tyler.

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