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Brian Reed's Body Believed to Be Found

Jan 24, 2011 – 10:16 AM
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FanHouse Staff

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Volunteer searchers found what they believed to be the body of Brian Reed, brother of Baltimore Ravens star Ed Reed, Sunday in the Mississippi River. But more than two weeks after Reed went missing during a police chase, no body was found by a diver exploring the scene.

The disheartening news came after a development Wednesday in which a volunteer outfit hired by the Reed family detected a presumed body in the water. A diver failed to find the body then, as well.

"We just want some closure at this point," Brian Reed's sister-in-law, Javona Sanchez, said. "We wanted him back regardless."

The body was found less than a mile away from where a man believed to be Reed jumped in the river to avoid police on Jan. 6.

Police said that Reed took off running when officers were handcuffing him near the frigid Mississippi River. He was pursued for a short time before bounding into the river and swimming out approximately 15 feet, according to police. Police saw him go under water and resurface, but that was the last time he had been spotted.

Brian Reed was stopped for allegedly running another driver off the road, and it was later determined that he was driving a stolen car. Reed's mother, however, disputed that claim.
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