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Serena, Venus Williams' Mother Uses Twitter to Bash Kim Clijsters

Jan 28, 2011 – 10:05 PM
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FanHouse Staff

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With neither Serena or Venus Williams in the Australian Open final, it begs the question everyone in the tennis community has been wondering, who will their mother root for?

Oracene Price took to the power of social media -- and 140 characters -- to let her feelings on Saturday's final be known. And she was just as honest as we'd all hope she'd be, even letting (hopefully jokingly) Twitterverse know that she was unsure what the finals matchup was:

After she received this all-important answer, she then quickly let it be known who her favorite in Saturday's match is:

Price doesn't want Kim Clijsters to win and explains why she wants Li Na "to kick some butt."

The first half of this makes complete sense. Price wants a new Slam title winner and she wants a Chinese player to win. Perfectly logical reasoning.

What isn't so clear is why she doesn't "want (her) vision blurred!" Does Clijsters have special powers that blinds (or affects) people's vision? This seems like something only Price knows about -- and it will become clearer in a forthcoming tweet.

One of Price's followers then wanted some clarification that she was indeed rooting for Li Na. Price responds with this response, which definitely includes an insult toward Clijsters, but its specific reference is unclear.

The use of "dubious" (which has several meanings) needed a follow-up explanation, but unfortunately we did not get one. She concludes her Twitter rant with the following harsh swipe at Clijsters:

Price probably means "Medusa stare" here not "scare," but regardless comparing her to a mythological beast is never a compliment. Chris Chase of Yahoo!'s "Busted Racquet" tries to decipher the Medusa reference: "That must mean Oracene either thinks Clijsters is ugly, has snakes for hair or will be beheaded by Perseus in an attempt to rescue his mother from the evil grips of King Polydectes. I'm guessing it's the third one."

All eyes will be on @Clijsterskim in the near future.

H/T to Busted Racquet.
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