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Getting In a Workout With Miles Austin

Feb 2, 2011 – 3:15 PM
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Tom Lorenzo

Tom Lorenzo %BloggerTitle%

Miles AustinNEW YORK -- Let's be honest, I have what you would call a "writer's physique." So when I got the chance to work out with Miles Austin, a Pro Bowl wideout for the Dallas Cowboys and occasional cover model for men's fitness magazines, naturally, I felt I could hold my own.

On Tuesday afternoon I was asked by the fine folks over at Under Armour if I'd like to work out with Austin and test their new product, a shirt which dries five times faster than normal cotton -- for sweaty guys like me!

Of course I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of Austin, since my daily workout routine consists of finding creative ways to avoid the gym, but I decided it would be in my best interest to get a few pointers from someone who's been inside the gym a time or two.

I trudged through the ice and snow to meet with Austin at Chelsea Piers in New York City. The workout du jour was an interval routine, which consisted of several "workout stations" -- I'll spare you the details. Simple enough, if you're Miles Austin, but quite the challenge if you spend most of your days like an indoor cat.

Along with the workout, I did get a chance to talk to Austin about his offseason workout routine, his appeal among female football fans, plus a few other topics.

Here is a bit of the conversation I had with Austin after we completed our workout. For effect, turn on an oscillating fan and pretend as if the sound you hear is of a winded writer.

Tom Lorenzo: First, tell me a little bit about how you got involved with Under Armour.

Miles Austin: I've been involved with Under Armour for about six months now. Once I heard they were coming out with the charged cotton I just had to fly right from Hawaii to get here to talk about it. To be honest with you, this is awesome stuff. I'm a big sweater myself, so to have anything that will help me out in any way is always a plus. ... I'm gonna wear these sweatpants back to Dallas tonight, and probably the next week. ... Don't tell anyone that! (laughs) I'll wash them, wink, wink. I'm just joking. I got a couple pairs. They feel really good.

What's your offseason workout routine like?
Right now it's really cardio. I'll start working in a little yoga -- bikram yoga -- in about three or four weeks, kind of just to get my body right, get it feeling good. You don't really want to start banging out heavy weights right after a four-month season. I'll start off pretty light -- I'll do a little bit of weightlifting now. In a couple weeks do a little more. You gotta get ready, cause the new season is coming up next.

You're originally from New Jersey. Do you spend your offseasons in New Jersey or in Dallas?

I spend my offseason in Dallas. My family is from New Jersey, they still live there, so I always get a chance to see them. I'll stop by for a couple of weeks.

Congrats on making the Pro Bowl this year, by the way.

Thank you. I appreciate it!

How was that?
It was great. I was in New York when I got the late call. I got the chance to fly down there, took my family with me. They never go on vacation, so my mom and my dad were so happy to be there. ... It was great just to bring them out there.

Also, I have to congratulate you on being the top-selling Cowboys jersey among female fans, beating out Tony (Romo) and Jason (Witten).
(Laughs) I heard that! Someone must have rigged the stats. Those guys must have beat me out! But, I'll take anything I can get.

Speaking of Tony Romo, talk a bit about what his loss meant to the team this past season and the outlook for next year.
It was tough (losing him). Just the season in general. Anytime you go 6-10, that's never where you want to be. I feel like we've got the right pieces to move forward. I feel like we've got guys who are ready to move forward, and put a lot of work into their game. I'm excited to get going and get ready for next year.

What does Jason Garrett bring to this team?

Jason did a great job. He works so hard himself, you as players see that and need to work just as hard. So, at least we know how hard he's working -- not that Wade [Phillips] doesn't work hard, I'm not saying that -- just what Jason brings to the table, he does a great job. It's the same offense, so it's a pretty comfortable situation for most of the guys. Him being a Cowboy himself, he was a Cowboy during those Super Bowl years, so he understands what was going on during that time from the inside. He has a good feeling of what it takes to win. Hopefully we can put the pieces together and be ready for next year.

So, you'll be in Dallas for the game?
I'll be in Dallas tonight (Tuesday). Going in there and getting excited for the game.

Does it feel extra weird having the game being in Dallas and not being a part of the game?
Not really. An event is an event. I just happen to live there. Obviously, you want to be playing in the Super Bowl every year. I don't care if the Super Bowl is in Dallas or Mars, I still want to play in the Super Bowl. So it's not extra upsetting just because it's in Dallas.

Shall we talk strategy for the big game?
I have no idea what those guys are doing! I'm just going to enjoy the game as a fan.

Fair enough ... Any suggestions for what first-timers in Dallas should see this week? Non-Super Bowl related.

I mean, Dallas has a bunch to offer. You've got everything from museums, to aquariums, to bars, great restaurants -- the food in Dallas is awesome.
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