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Ronald Reagan: Funniest President Ever? [VIDEO]

Feb 3, 2011 – 10:45 AM
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Barry Weintraub

Barry Weintraub Contributor

Ronald Reagan may have had to apologize for trading arms for hostages to Iran. He may have driven up the deficit and done a lot of other things that made Democrats wring their hands. But even the Gipper's harshest critics agree with this much: He had a great sense of humor.

AOL Weird News looks back at some of Reagan's best jokes with Malcolm Kushner, who created the humor exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library in Simi Valley, Calif.

As we mark the 100th anniversary of Reagan's birth, have a laugh with highlights from the career of one of America's most celebrated speakers.

And if you think you know every Ronald Reagan joke, have you heard the one about the three-legged chicken that could outrun a car?

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