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Reagan Remembered: It Can Be Done

Feb 4, 2011 – 9:15 PM
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Rep. John Boehner

Special to AOL News
When I think of Ronald Reagan, I remember a natural leader -- someone who inspired me with his belief that our best days are still ahead and his confidence in the indomitable spirit of the American people.

Before Reagan was elected president, the country was demoralized, adrift and staring into an economic abyss. I remember because I was running a small business at the time. A sea of red tape, high taxes and crippling inflation were plaguing families and job creators alike with uncertainty.

During one of his signature radio addresses, the Gipper offered a simple solution. He asked, "Why don't we see what roadblocks have been thrown in the way of our tried-and-true system" -- all the spending, taxes and regulations -- "and remove them?"

He knew that if unleashed, the "quiet courage" and "individual genius" of Americans -- limited only by their talents and imaginations -- could turn things around.

This was Reagan in a nutshell. And once elected, he brought that can-do spirit to Washington; he even placed a sign in the Oval Office that read, "It CAN Be Done." A replica of the sign sits on my desk today as we again find ourselves working to liberate our economy from uncertainty and big government.

Reagan's faith in the American people -- unshackled by government -- to overcome any obstacle rallied supporters from every background to his side, and I believe it will continue to inspire us, and all those across the world who yearn to be free, for generations to come.

Happy birthday, Mr. President.

Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, is the speaker of the House of Representatives.

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