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Sean Payton's Home Purchase in Dallas Undoubtedly Unsettling for Saints

Feb 8, 2011 – 10:27 AM
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Ray Glier

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Sean Payton, the New Orleans Saints head coach, is going to commute to Dallas. When exactly?

The bye week? On a flyover for a West Coast game? Maybe it is possible to drive to a private landing field, jump on a private jet, and fly 90 minutes to north Dallas and then do it again the next day, or maybe once a week.

What is the rest of the story with Payton buying a home in Dallas, which was reported first by Ed Werder of ESPN? Payton, a hero in New Orleans, has two years remaining on his contract with the Saints.

Is this the long goodbye for the Super Bowl coach?

Is this a signal that he is with New Orleans for two seasons and then going to work for the Cowboys and Jerry Jones? Payton, who worked for Bill Parcells in Dallas, could be the GM the Cowboys really need.

This is going to be some message to share with potential free agents. I'm sure teams competing for the same free agents are going to ask a wide receiver or running back who wants to play in Payton's offense if they want to sign with a team whose coach has one foot in Dallas.

Payton might figure this lockout is going to drag on and on and then maybe he will have one year left on his deal by the time we start playing football again.

You wonder if Payton calculated the outrage in New Orleans, which saw owner Tom Benson consider moving the team to San Antonio after Hurricane Katrina hit. The Saints stayed, but there are feelings of abandonment. It's a free world. but like it or not the NFL coach is a community icon, a symbol for a team.

There are other professional coaches who live away from their families during the season, but Boston's Doc Rivers was already settled in Orlando. Payton moved into New Orleans. He has been there five years.

It's his life, but Payton is going to get criticized because you are either part of the city or you are not.

The Cowboys' front office is in disarray. They have a new head coach and now they need a layer between the owner and the coach. Payton, a former employee of Jerry Jones, might relish that job, as well he should.

But to get a head start on it while still with the Saints is likely to result in some ill will with fans.
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