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No-Eared Cat Looks Too Much Like Voldemort

Feb 11, 2011 – 3:17 PM
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David Moye

David Moye Contributor

A cat in Southampton, England, is in a hairy situation because he looks too much like Harry Potter's foe, Lord Voldemort.

The cat, a 14-year-old domestic short-hair known as "Charlie," is in an animal rescue center hoping to get adopted, but, sadly, he could be there for quite a spell.

Seems Charlie lost his ears and part of his nose to skin cancer and, as a result, is the spitting image of Voldemort, the evil character played by actor Ralph Fiennes in the "Harry Potter" films.
Rex USA / Warner Bros.
Charlie (left), an abandoned 14-year-old cat is said to look a bit like Lord Voldemort from the "Harry Potter" film saga, portrayed by Ralph Fiennes.

According to The Daily Mail, workers at the charity say visitors have been spooked by the white cat's resemblance to Fiennes but hope that a family of "Potter" fans will magically appear to adopt him.

The rejection adds insult to injury since Charlie was a stray before a woman adopted him, fed him and took him to the vet for surgery.

Doctors removed the cat's ears and nose, but say he is still at risk of further problems.

Now Charlie is at the animal shelter waiting for adoption alone in a cage because he apparently gave an earful to the other animals.

Despite his villainous appearance, Charlie loves cuddling and would do best in a home with no other pets, according to Marie Loveridge, the center's animal welfare assistant.

"At first glance, people may be put off by Charlie because he does look like Voldemort, the baddie from the 'Harry Potter' films," she said. "But although some people might think he's a bit quirky-looking after having his ears and nose removed, he is a lovely, playful cat who adores attention.

"We are desperately trying to rehome him with somebody that knows beauty is more than skin deep."

Although Charlie's looks can strike fear into the heart of timid "Harry Potter" fans, the fact is, earless cats are more common than you might think, according to San Diego vet Dr. Monika Kaelble.

"We see a lot of these cats that get skin cancer and have to have their ears amputated," she said. "It's usually because of sun exposure."

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Kaelble says white animals with pinker skin are most prone to skin cancer and says cats are more likely than dogs to get it, "unless the dog likes to roll over and lay on the ground and expose its pinker side."

She admits the earless, noseless look takes some time to get used to but says that the cat itself is fine.

"The outer part of ears are usually cosmetic, so removing [them] doesn't affect their hearing much, unless the ear canals are affected," she said. "The nose is a little different. It can be a little snottier. But it can still live a normal life."

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