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Supersized Supermodel Has Big, Big Plans

Feb 16, 2011 – 5:29 PM
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David Moye

David Moye Contributor

The heavens may be closer when you're 6 foot 8, but that doesn't mean you stop reaching for the stars.

So is the case for a woman known professionally as Amazon Eve, who is about to reach a big milestone by being officially declared "the world's tallest model."

Amazon Eve, who uses that name because her real name is taken by another model, has just won the coveted title from an organization called the Federation of World Records and says she will put her height to the test next month when Guinness World Records officials see if she measures up.

"They are going to measure me at morning, noon and night, so we'll see," she said. "However, the previous record holder is 6 foot 4, so it looks good."

However, a Guinness representative said that while Amazon Eve has submitted a claim, officials still need to verify her modeling career before they will consider the record.

Regardless of what happens, the struggle to be recognized represents a long climb for this long-legged beauty -- a climb away from an abusive childhood and awkward teenage years when she was 5 foot 11 at the age of 14 to a place where she can stand tall.

"I studied theater as an undergrad before going to law school to become a paralegal," she told AOL News. "But many of the acting jobs I got had me playing monsters and aliens in B movies and the token basketball player. I was ready to do something different."

Amazon Eve
Courtesy of Amazon Eve
Although Amazon Eve has a successful modeling career, she dreams of moving to a small town to pursue a career in law.
So she became a personal trainer, but when the bottom fell out of that career in 2009, she started looking for other career plans.

"I met a dominatrix who introduced me into the world of the Amazon," she said, "such as wrestling for domination in a league. I wasn't the best wrestler though. I do other acting that are kind of the reverse of 'Baywatch,' except you have a tall, powerful woman running on the beach instead of the shorter, thinner kind.

"I also do a video on how to Amazon-proof your home."

That's not meant to be a disparaging comment. Few people have 40-inch legs or size 14 feet. But in her younger days, she put her health at risk by trying to make her body match what she thought the ideal woman was supposed to be.

Luckily, Amazon Eve has learned that men like all kinds of women, be they short, tall, big, skinny or, like her, powerful.

Unlike the "freak" roles she might have been cast in in earlier years, the Amazon roles allow her more creative freedom and actual acting.

"The strong, powerful character is part of my personality, but there is also a part of me that likes being taken care of by a man," she said. "But mainstream modeling wants you small and weak."

Maybe, or maybe not. About 30 percent of Amazon Eve's income comes from modeling and print work for taller fashion brands. That income should increase in the next month as she reaches for the brass ring (and with 38-inch arms, she's liable to reach it).

"This next month is going to be great for publicity," she said. "[Being declared the tallest model in the world] will solidify me as a brand. But I've got to show I can do more than this."

Amazon Eve figures less than 1 percent of the world's women are model-sized.

"I'm even rarer," she pointed out. "I'm plus-sized and I'm thin and super-fit. I'd like to homogenize what 'sexy' means. It's not just what's on a magazine cover."

But while she could soon reach the heights of fame, Amazon Eve is using the occasion to dream big.

"I'd really like just a regular part on a TV show," she said, emphasizing it would be one where her height isn't the only thing interesting about the character. "Like the character 'Bull' on 'Night Court.' However, a reality show may be the best bet."

Still, asking for worldwide fame is a tall order -- even for someone as tall as Amazon Eve. That's why she has alternative plans in case her dream of becoming a huge celebrity gets cut off at the knees.

"I do have a plan B," she said. "I already am trained as a paralegal. I'd like to get my law degree, move to a small town and practice law."

And that's the long and short of it.

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