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Said Musa Released From Jail: 5 Facts on the Afghan Christian

Feb 24, 2011 – 1:45 PM
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Mary Phillips-Sandy Contributor

Said Musa, the Afghan man who was imprisoned and sentenced to death for converting from Islam to Christianity, has been released from a Kabul jail, The Christian Post reports.

Musa's case has been closely watched by human rights groups and religious leaders, many of whom worked to bring attention to his story. Earlier this month, Christian pastors and academics launched a Twitter campaign on Musa's behalf.

According to The Christian Post, the 45-year-old Musa's whereabouts are not known at this time.

Surge Desk has five facts on the man who became an international symbol of religious persecution.

1. He was arrested after being seen on video
Musa was arrested last May, along with several other Christians, after an Afghan television station broadcast secretly filmed video of a worship and baptism service. Shortly after the service, Musa went to the German Embassy to seek asylum. He was identified and arrested there by Afghan authorities.

2. He has one leg
According to numerous reports, Musa lost a leg in a land mine explosion in the 1990s while serving in the Afghan army and relied on a prosthetic limb for mobility.

3. He worked for the Red Cross
Musa was a physiotherapist who had spent 15 years working with amputees at the Red Cross/Red Crescent.

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4. He is dedicated to Christianity
Under Afghan law, citizens are not permitted to convert to Christianity. But Musa converted about eight years ago. After his arrest, Afghan lawyers would not take up his case, and courts did not allow him to contact lawyers outside the country. Musa was ordered to renounce his faith on television but refused.

5. He's a father
Musa has six young children, one of whom is disabled. According to some reports, Musa's wife fled Afghanistan with their children while her husband was imprisoned.

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