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Man Accused of Calling 911 and Explicitly Describing Viagra Overdose

Mar 14, 2011 – 5:39 PM
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Ben Muessig

Ben Muessig Contributor

Police hope a man in Florida will think long and hard before he prank calls 911 again.

Investigators in Broward County say 28-year-old Matthew Wade Douglas Jr. is responsible for two obscene 911 calls in which a man graphically described symptoms -- and raunchy home remedies -- following an alleged overdose on the impotence drug Viagra.

Douglas is accused of calling 911 after midnight on Jan. 16, giving a fake name and address, and claiming he needed medical help because he had swallowed too many little blue pills, according to a police report posted on the Broward Sheriff's Office website.

Dispatchers say the man spoke explicitly about the effects the pills were having on his body, then detailed how his "wife" was performing oral sex on him to help reduce the pain. (Police put quotation marks around the word "wife" apparently because his marital status was in question.)

Deputies visited the address given by the man on the phone, but the homeowner at that property claimed no one at the residence had called authorities. After emergency operators received a second prank call, law enforcement officials visited the address again, only to be told that no one had dialed 911.

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In February, detectives returned to the address with a recording of the 911 calls. That's when the homeowner recognized the individual on the phone as Douglas -- a man who had dated his daughter.

After checking the files, investigators realized Douglas was already in jail on disorderly conduct charges and an open-container violation.

He now faces additional charges of misuse of the 911 system and making an obscene or harassing telephone call.

Douglas is not the first person to wind up in jail after calling 911 to talk about love. Last year, police in Ohio arrested a woman who allegedly called 911 fives times in an hour demanding that an operator help her find a husband, and another woman accused of repeatedly calling 911 looking for a date.

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