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Iowa Man Reaches Halfway Mark in Beer-Only Lent Fast

Apr 1, 2011 – 12:03 PM
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Steven Hoffer

Steven Hoffer Contributor

"I read about a man in Iowa who is going on a beer-only diet for Lent," Jimmy Fallon recently told told his "Late Night" audience. "Or to put it another way, an alcoholic just found out that it's Lent."

But that Iowa man -- local newspaper editor J. Wilson -- is actually taking his Lent sacrifice pretty seriously. Just on Thursday, Wilson passed the halfway mark on his 46-day spiritual journey fueled exclusively by rations of beer and water.

A father of two, Wilson got the idea for his "liquid bread" diet when he encountered German monks' 300-year-old practice of drinking just beer and water to complete the fast of Lent.

Being an amateur beer connoisseur himself -- he edits his own "Brewvana" beer blog -- Wilson contacted a local brewer and concocted a recipe for a high-calorie doppelbock that would suit his needs. Since then, he's documented the experience on a new blog, "Diary of a Part Time Monk."

The home brew, which earned an A- rating from Beer Advocate, is now breakfast, lunch and dinner for Wilson, who, aside from the occasional inadvertent buzz, is managing the experiment just fine.

"From time to time, if I have an appointment, I have to move my beers around," Wilson told the Chicago Tribune. "If I have to have two beers in quicker succession than I would like, sure, you might get a little tipsy. But I haven't been sloshed the last three weeks."

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